At Blend, we are up against everything fake. We are not posh, snobby, or phony. We are the opposite of fake. We are a real denim brand.


We went to Ibiza in September to cultivate and promote our purpose of “enabling people to become rich in what matters”.


We connected with the locals, that really know how to embrace the richness that life has to offer - family, friends, love, purpose, passion, and adventures… All the important stuff that so easily gets lost in today’s stressful lives and gets substituted with what we will call fake riches.


That’s why we are up against everything fake. Yes “F*ck The Fake” is a bit provocative (pardon our language), but we think that’s exactly what it takes to make people start focusing on what matters in life.


F*ck the fake started in Ibiza but let’s see where it takes us next?


Ibiza content is still rolling!
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“What is rich to you? How do you define being rich?”
Selim interviewing people in Ibiza - Check it out!