Competition terms



By entering the competition, you agree to the following competition terms.

The competition is organized by, which is part of DK COMPANY ONLINE A/S, La Coursvej 6, 7430 Ikast, Denmark.


Competition terms


By participating in our competitions, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. Entrants who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions will not be eligible to win the prizes offered.

All information on how to enter a competition will be stated in the terms and conditions of each competition.

Terms & Conditions

Competitions are open to anyone over the age of 18.

Employees from DK COMPANY or its affiliated companies may not participate in the competitions. This does not apply to the exclusive competition for Blend stores.

Closure time for a competition will always be stated in the competition notice. All features must be received before the date of termination of the competition.

Where competitions are held on Facebook, Instagram or other social media, these competitions are not administered, sponsored or associated with these media unless clearly stated.


Selection the winner

At the end of the competition, DK Company A/S or its affiliated companies offering the competition will draw one or more random winners from all participants, depending on how many prizes are awarded.

The lucky winner(s) will be contacted directly via Instagram, Facebook, other social media or email, depending on the media on which the competition has taken place.

In the case of competitions offered on Facebook, Instagram or other social media, the participant agrees that the participant may be contacted through these media if this is necessary in connection with participation, and that the participant's name is published on the media in question in connection with the announcement of the lucky winner(s).

If the store does not receive a response from a winner within 14 days of being notified, then a new winner will be randomly selected.

A minimum of 10 participants in a competition is required before a prize can be triggered.


Prizes will always be described in the competition post. This applies both in terms of type and number.

Prizes in the form of shoes or clothing may be sold out before a competition ends. If this is the case, the lucky winner(s) will be allowed to choose a new prize at their own discretion and of equivalent value on the relevant brand platform to which the competition relates. Prizes in the form of shoes and clothing cannot be exchanged unless otherwise stated in connection with the competition.

Prizes in the form of gift cards and discount codes can only be used on the relevant brand platform to which the competition relates, unless otherwise stated in connection with the competition.

Cash discounts are always deducted from the cheapest price, and must be used at once. If this is not done, the balance shall be waived.

Discount codes and gift cards can also be used on already discounted items, unless otherwise stated in connection with the competition.  There are no restrictions in relation to the choice of freight suppliers. In cases where gift cards are distributed in a currency other than the most common in the country where the wind or winners live, the value will be converted at the end of the competition and at applicable exchange rates.

Personal data

When you participate in a competition, you consent to the information entered being registered and stored by DK COMPANY A/S or its affiliated companies, depending on the individual competition and which company is listed as the data controller for personal data processed in connection with the competition. The information provided in the context of competition will only be used in this context.

DK COMPANY A/S or its affiliated companies are obliged to protect participants' personal data, among other things by ensuring that all personal data transferred when registering for a competition is stored under secure conditions. In addition, data is stored only for so long that there is any factual reason for this and you have the right to access all data recorded about you.

Read more about our processing of personal data on this page

These terms and conditions could change at any time.