(Rich* in what matters)

BLEND presents a powerful selection of contemporary European styles and carefully crafted jeans built for real living. True craftsmanship are behind this Danish jeans brand since 1993.


We are curious by nature, and never stop exploring new ways to combine denim with the newest trends and new ideas from the most talented people.


We blend denim with the current again and again and again. And we always do it with ambition, passion, honesty, courage and an independent creative mind-set.

So just go and claim your denim rights. We got it, and you can have it for less.


Blend is serving only the real rich* (*Rich in what matters). Rich in love, purpose, passion, friendship, laughter and adventure. Actually everything that comes almost for free. Just like our simplified denim collections.


Free from fake branding and morals. Full of craftmanship and perfect fits. So in a way we are serving the poor, cool and clever. Just go and claim your denim rights. We got what you need, and you can have it for less.