The slim fit and low rise jeans for the guy who doesn´t cave in to the cutting edge, but still prefers low rise and keeps a keen eye on coolness. 
Our great casual and low rise jeans with regular leg for the laid back guy. A stable in every man´s wardrobe. 
A classic fashion slim jeans, you newer go wrong. 
Blends tightest fit for a super-sleek shape. For the guy who wants to expreess indivduality and have the coolest look. 
A high fashion skinny and very low-rise jeans. For the guy who follows the latest trend ind the market. 
This is our slouch fit jeans with low rise and tapered leg. A legend in the story of jeans. Truly a legend ind the story of jeans with its regular fit. Low rise and narrow leg. A prefered fit by most.