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Join the wolves

They are on the hunt
for a New Year’s Party

There’s a full moon looking down on the inner city, observing how the party animals and other werewolves are building up an appetite and getting ready to celebrate the night.

Trying to escape reality, they travel the city like the forest, up and down streets, in between the buildings and other relationships.

Darkness follows them wherever they go, and the lights from the moon make their shadows long, slick and sharp. It’s dark colour tones, washed down and stylish casual.

The year is coming to an end, and we are celebrating life, time and people. We are getting closer to midnight; it’s time to dress up for the occasion.

The wolf’s hour is a state of mind, and the beat of the city is the soundtrack to our lives;

Tattoos for life and lust for more, wearing a pair of jeans with a clean twist and a blue feeling. The modern myth is no longer a myth; it is part of our reality. Watch out, the wolves are on the hunt for a New Year’s party.

They blend with real life people, and are ready
to attack.
See you on the other side of midnight …