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Blend 2014 High Summer

SURF´S UP! And we’re riding the big wave

We say, ‘grommet’ and ‘pocket’ – and you think of a pair of jeans.
We say, ‘close-out’ – and you think of a sale.
Unless, of course, you’re a surfer. In which case, these terms (along with an entire language of surf jargon) take on a 
completely different meaning – all dedicated to the ocean, the beach, the ride, the wind and the surfer.
Because surfing isn’t only a sport. It’s a culture. A community of people who share a DNA that ties them to the sea and the joy of the ride. It’s a way of life and an attitude. It has its own language, music, and arts. But most recognizable to the rest of the world – the surf culture has its own fashion.
Blend takes every man – whether a seasoned surf pro or not
– on the ride of their lives with its 2014 High Summer collection. A throw back in time to the 60’s Southern California beach life, when surfing was notoriously popularized. The collection is a walking advertisement for low blood pressure and thrill seeking at the same time.
With a rainbow-colored assortment of bright yellows, oranges, reds, blues, and greens – it provides the perfect vibrant backdrop to the sand and sea. Patterns, prints and colors are mixed together without consideration – as though someone yelled, ‘SURF’S UP’ and he grabbed the first pair of boardshorts and t-shirt lying on a sand-dusted floor.
Whether you’re riding the waves or ‘hanging loose’ on the sand
– this collection will have you saying, ‘this is a bitch’en life!’