Take a look at the new Year End 2015 collection and get the right inspiration

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2015 is fading. But we are still taking each day to its max, always living in the moment.

And our wardrobe always suits our different moods.

Sometimes blending in with the crowd just feels like the right thing to do. On those days we jump into the favourite jeans and chunky nordic knit with cables in toned-down colours that match the season. No worries - it’s all about enjoying life.

On other days, in other situations we feel the urge to stand out. For those days we need some attitude. We need daring mixes of fabrics, new finishes on jeans and playing around with structures, colours and style. We need t-shirts with crazy twisted galactic prints, cozy buffalo- checks and laid-back sweatpants. We need cool corduroy, stylish shirts and funky accessories to spice everything up.
At the end we will mix and mess it up exactly as we please. Because it is us who decides. If we want to blend in. Or stand out.