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Blend Autumn Opening2014

There is no title here. Because this is ‘SILENCE’. The kind of silence you would momentarily hear from a table full of hot, single ladies who just witnessed the man of their dreams walking through the door.
And… past their table he goes. A slight stench of gasoline. Smudges of engine grease on what would seem his ‘favorite’ shirt. The grease stain obscuring some of the whimsical statement on the shirt but certainly not obscuring the perfectly sculpted body beneath. And jeans. Oh, the jeans- strategically sitting on the hips. With small tears and a dirty-tinted wash (or perhaps just plain dirty)- making you think it’s the only pair he’s worn every single day for the past five years straight. But, that doesn’t matter- because they look SO damn hot on him.

This is our Blend man wearing our Autumn Opening collection.
A collection that is as no non-sense as the job he works day-in and day-out. This is a REAL man. The kind of man that catches the eyes of every (female) beholder -- due to his rough, masculine and ever-so-capable exterior. The ‘mister-fix-anything’ type. The type of man who COULD swing his woman over his shoulder without even the slightest increase in heart rate and save her from the world (or better yet- take her back to his man cave).

This is a seasonal collection completely hung up on practicality and working with the environment – but still has such an edge you don’t have to wonder if it’s ‘on-trend’ or not because it just works. Plain and simple. It’s familiar and yet eye-catching simply because it makes a statement about the man underneath the layers of clothing. And trust us- the women are imaging what lies underneath the clothing.